Monday, September 10, 2007

your daily dose of something

hey my peeps!

i'm in the airport and i've been here for almost two and a half hours, which means that this is now the part of the day that really starts to drag for me.

a couple things:

tara: i'm picking dagz up from the airport today (how convenient!) and bringing him home to our apartment. as previously discussed, he'll be staying with us until he finds a new apartment. sweeeeet! also, i made some super spicy tomatillo salsa this morning that is currently blending its flavours together in our refrigerator. help yourself! if you want to go to taco tuesday tonite, let's bring it along with us! i'll be home by 6:15....

chris: i specifically included the part about brazil's ethanol production factoid for you!

adam: i don't really have anything to address to your eyes only right here but....umm...i liked the shoes you were wearing yesterday!

now, on to bigger things. here is what i learned about brazil:

brazil is one of the 12 countries that comprise south america.
it is the only country that touches 9 other countries on that continent! the only two countries it DOESN'T touch are chili and equador.

both the tropic of capricorn AND the equator pass through brazil.

brazil is the only country in all of of the Americas that speaks portuguese.

brazil is the largest country in south america and is comprised of 26 individual states.

and, finally, it is considered to be a superhero of clean fuel production due to the enormous levels of ethanol that it produces. ethanol from brazil is derived from sugar cane, which is the world's LARGEST crop in terms of production and export tonnage:
i'm kinda amazed that it beat out corn, but, like, whatev. that's a pretty sweet lesson, if you catch my drift.

ok...write me back or don't. either way, i'm sending you daily emails.


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