Wednesday, September 19, 2007

lunar module II

i'm going to divert from my routine a bit this week and rather than post about the country of my choice, i'm going to share with you what i do with my free time when i'm not researching the geography, topography, history, and contemporary statistics of any chosen land mass.

my time at the airport is divided up in neat little sections. i run much of my life this way, splicing it into chunks that fit a whole, well-rounded life that i like to call my own. on an aside, i think it's extremely important to fill each and every day with equal (or near equal) portions of the following: exercise, education, social time, and personal/reflective/alone time. i want to fall asleep exhausted, smarter, inspired by my friends, and self-confident, respectively. only then am i fulfilled. it took me twenty-seven years to value each of those components and i don't plan on losing sight of them anytime soon.

back to the airport. for the first two hours, i do alot of walking! i check out the terminals, find out which of the homeless people i've grown to know and love are hanging out with me on that particular day, and observe the sights and sounds of my surroundings. at some point, i eat the sandwich that i've packed and check out my igoogle account for the day's most interesting rss feeds. during the next two hours, i'm usually chilly (it's unexplainable) so i head to one of two of my favourite wings of the airport...both of which are slightly less air-conditioned than the remainder of the building and offer a good degree of warmth and comfort. they also both happen to look out over small flower gardens and it's nice to see what the pigeons, squirrels and mice are up to in the mid-afternoon.

by 3 or 4 pm, i'm ready for a caffeine fix so i head to the only coffee shop situated outside of the security checkpoints and treat myself to a $2.73 iced delight. this afternoon, the moment i had it in my hand i regreted not ordering the steamy hot version instead. this is one indication that i'm ready to welcome in fall; i switch from iced to hot coffee without a trace of regret.

for the remaining two hours, i'm on a mission to research whatever i determine worthy of researching for the day. for the past two weeks, that topic has been filled by countries in south america and asia. but yesterday and today i was much more interested in medical websites, conspiracy theories, equine health information, and magical realism as it relates to my favourite authors (m. kundera and s. rushdie). i also spent a good deal of time today exploring space from the confines of my computer, mostly due to this:

last night i went to a screening of the new ron howard documentary on the Apollo missions to the moon, In the Shadow of the Moon. it made me want to know more about neil armstrong [like exactly why he's become the recluse that he's known to be and how cool it is that the money he has won from every court case against someone who has used his name or voice (i'm referring to the soundclip of "that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind")without permission has been donated to a charity of his choice] and all of the conspiracy theories that surround the NASA projects. want to debate the moon missions with me? i've got an open night ahead of me and lots of theories. let's go!


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