Monday, September 10, 2007

final boarding call for FL 2897

so i've been wrestling back and forth all morning about whether to cover argentina or guyana today. it boiled down to a coin toss and argentina came up aHEAD (tara: i can't stop making assinine jokes all day. look at my myspace b/c i couldn't stop last night either and jeff gave me shit for it for about an hour).

on to wider topics: i hope your respective days at work are going fantastically. i had fun with you guys last night, even if you dissed my cookies (adam: you're off the hook). hang in there! you're more than halfway through your day!

so here's argentina in a nutshell:

if you want to hang out in the 8th largest country in the world, go there.

if you like latin, it's named after the word for silver, 'argentum' because when the spanish conquistadors went there back in the 1500's, the indigenous people thought they were cool enough to bestow baskets of silver onto. seems a little premature to me because there was a whole century of fighting that ensued as land rights were fought over. i guess hospitality doesn't always pay off.

argentina lays claims to the british controlled islands of faulkland, south georgia, and south sandwich (all of which are really rad names) and even controls a couple milion square miles of antarctica which is no small feat.

the country has 23 provinces and one autonomous city, buenos aires, of which 1/3 of the population lives around.

97.5% of its people can read and they apparently like eating animals just as much as browsing books since they hold the world record for most annual consumption of red meat.

this one is for chris: they dig nuclear power!

their nuclear program is really advanced and they have helped build facilities all over the world. they even have a nifty way of producing weapon-grade uranium (a building block of nuclear weaponry which, like, you already knew) but they crossed their pinky fingers that they'd only use the technology for peaceful purposes a long time ago.

the end.

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